IMG_7201Hi! I’m Nela.

I specialize in the graphic communication, creative concept and design. I believe in social networks and interactivity. In the image and the message. I believe in design, “because everything is design!”

I am one of those few fortunate people who earn their living by doing what they like best; So I have the honor to spread to the world that I love my job!.

I dedicate myself to offer creative solutions, to the production and promotion in social means through the design and the photography.

I trained (and still I do) in the area of ​​graphic design, web, social media and photography, in Venezuela, Costa Rica, Spain and the United States. I have developed and participated in the creation, design and conceptualization of campaigns and brands of companies and services in Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and others.

With more than 10 years of experience, I have worked and formed part of creative and development teams in different countries, creating strategic alliances and excellent interpersonal and cooperation relationships that allow me to develop projects with the security of optimizing resources and offering an excellent quality in the results of each one of my projects.

Interested in: design, photography, ecology, communication, art, web, yoga, gastronomy. I love animals deeply and aspire to be part of the change.